Thursday, December 31, 2009

Building a Heritage of Prayer

Spiritual legacies are so important. That thought really drilled into my heart when my grandpa passed away in 2009. I realized how blessed I was to have a Godly man as a grandparent and someone whom left me a great legacy and heritage. I saw (and heard) how he came to know Christ and was amazed at how one choice affected several generations. You see, the fact that he accepted Christ and decided to live a life for the Lord affected my father. The same thing happened on my mother’s side of the family. Her father was also a Godly man whom I lost far too soon when I was only in the 5th grade. But again, his decisions and choices to walk for the Lord affected my mom. Both of my parent’s faith in turn affected me. Now, I am trying to “live it out” and instill a strong sense of faith in my own children. Generation to generation to generation.

Sometimes we see life so much in the “now.” We forget to look into the past to see maybe why we are the way we are and we also forget to look into the future.

I pray for my children and my spouse. And of course I pray for the spouses who will one day enter their lives. But do I pray for my future grandchildren or my great grandchildren? That’s something I’m giving more thought and intention to these days.

My grandparents told me shortly before the passing of my grandpa that they prayed for me every day. EVERY DAY. You know what? I don’t even know now what they prayed or how they prayed but it’s enough to touch my heart that they prayed. And who knows how God is continuing to answer those prayers even now? We look for such immediate responses that we can often forget that some answers may take years or even generations to unfold!

God made promises in the Bible that some generations never saw the answers to. But that didn’t mean He didn’t answer. In fact, He did. He always kept His word. For ours is a faithful God. So I can know that if I pray for a grandchild or a great grandchild that God hears my prayers – especially if those prayers are aligned with His heart and His will.

I may not be around to see my great grandchildren or my great great grandchildren. But they will come from me and will be a part of me. And I want to leave a mark and an impression that long outlasts my life. I want them to be men and women of integrity and great faith. What a gift I can give them if I would dedicate myself to praying for them!

Our prayers are powerful. We can build such a heritage if we will only call upon the name of the Lord. What a simple thing to do for those we claim to love so deeply.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

To Beautize, Make Mom Happy, and a Rendition of Beth Moore

I just want to brag on my youngest today - she is 10 and just so sweet.

For Christmas her big sister got her a white board. She’d been wanting one for over a year so big sister finally got her one. It was so cute. Once we got it hung this week she was writing little lists for herself – just like big sister. And she put a scripture verse on her white board – just like big sister. I told my oldest daughter that she was being such a great example!

Well the day before yesterday, my oldest came in to my room and asked me if I’d seen my youngest daughter’s white board that day. I hadn’t. She told me a few things it said and I just had to take a picture of it.

It says –

*Call Riley (Her bff)

*Beautize myself

*See how Kamica’s neck is doing (big sister hurt her neck badly the day prior)

*Make Mom Happy

Now is that not the most precious thing you’ve ever seen? At the bottom there she has her scripture verse and it says “I love my family and my family loves me.” I’m just thinking – why did we not get this child a white board a year earlier???

I have to add onto that this child gave me the sweetest gift for Christmas. She preordered (with help from daddy) Beth Moore’s new book – “So Long Insecurity.” (OUT Feb 1st!) She drew a picture of Beth Moore on my card….

I absolutely loved her rendition!

Kayla – you are truly a delight to my heart. I love you so very much. What a blessing you are.


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