Saturday, January 9, 2010

Do You Believe?

For the first time ever, I got the courage to watch the “Lord of the Rings” series. I’ve stayed away from it up until now because the small segments I saw before greatly disturbed me. My heart is very sensitive to dark things and evil….things this movie greatly portrays. But because I heard the movie had Christian parallels – I finally decided to give it a try.

Near the end of the second movie, the battle against evil seems overwhelming. It wants to destroy man. Frodo (the main character) questions why they continue on – what their purpose is. His best friend (and the person who has been making sure he stays safe) says something that we should all resonate with. He says that they go on even when it seems as if it’s a losing battle because “there is good that’s worth fighting for.”

There is good that is worth fighting for.

We live in a world that sometimes seems as if it’s going in the wrong direction. It gets darker, more twisted and perverse. What once was seen as bad is sometimes now construed as good or okay. It’s allowed – it’s tolerated – it’s endorsed. Do we turn our heads because the battle seems overwhelmingly against us? Do we remain silent because one voice won’t matter? Do we compromise our beliefs, our values – to save face?


Do we decide that there is good that is worth fighting for?

I made my decision – my choice. I’ve decided to fight. I’ve decided that there is good to be found and it’s worth fighting for. I’ve decided that I won’t simply turn a blind eye or stay out of the fight. I’ve decided that I will go on even if it seems like no one is listening or that the odds are against me. Because I believe. I believe in God – in who He was – who He is and in what He stands for. I believe. And I will fight for Him and with Him as long as I have breath.

There IS good that is worth fighting for.

I feel far more alive and free when I’m fighting with a small contingent of God’s army against the rest of the tides of the world than I ever would just giving up, giving in, and growing apathetic. You can too. You can join me. You just need to believe.

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