Monday, January 18, 2010

Don't Forget About Haiti

My mind and heart are still very much on and with Haiti right now. I still have not heard if my sponsored child through Compassion International is okay. However, I am optimistic. She lives in an area that was not hit as hard so I have great hope that her and her family made it through the initial earthquake okay. However, I am now hearing that it is very hard for many areas to have access to food and water. A lot of outlying areas got their supplies from Port-Au-Prince. So that is starting to concern me.

So many people will return to life as normal. It's natural, I guess. I've already found it harder to find Haiti coverage on the news when I want to watch during the day. I guess it's because the time for discovering people alive is dwindling. The media will soon leave altogether and hop onto the next "hot" story. But the people of Haiti have a long road of recovery ahead of them. A LONG ROAD.

So today, I just didn't feel like entering another blog post on some other subject. I just wanted to remind people to focus on the men, women, and children of Haiti in their prayers. Make a note to give some more $ when your next payday comes around for the money coming in will dwindle quickly when the media coverage does...but the intense need will not.

I am following two blogs of some Americans in Haiti that you might be interested in. One is of a missionary family here. The other is of two sisters from Pittsburg who have been running an orphanage. You can find that one here. They have run out of water to feed the babies.

May our hearts continue to be touched, softened, and moved to action for our brothers and sisters in Haiti - not just today, next week, or next month - but for the long haul.

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Warren Baldwin said...

Thanks, a good reminder for something incredibly important - helping those who so desperately need it. wb


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