Monday, January 11, 2010

I Am a Flawed Person

The Internet is a crazy and yet strange thing. I love it. I love the people I’ve gotten to know and the ways that those people have inspired and enriched my life. I love the ideas they’ve given me. But the Internet also can sometimes lead people to epitomize or idolize others. I mean, it can be easy to start adoring someone who has all these great decorating ideas or really Godly posts. We can (maybe misleadingly) put people on pedestals that they shouldn’t be on.

I’m not saying that some of these people aren’t really great people. They possibly are. But they are still people.

I think we forget that these people whom we greatly look up to can make mistakes or mess up. So when they do, we are either both totally devastated and crushed, or we rake them over the coals for what we’ve interpreted as human flaw or error. But who put us in the place of judge and jury?

We are blessed. We are blessed to live in this day and age. We can talk to our favorite authors via their blogs online or banter back and forth with elementary school friends on facebook. Sometimes it gives us an amazing ability to personally know someone that we would otherwise have not been able to. But sometimes it gives us a false comfort in being able to say things or criticize someone because we don’t have to confront them face to face. We get comfortable behind our computer screen.

It’s good to be reminded that these people you’ve come to follow online – they are just people. They yell at their kids sometimes, ignore their spouse when they shouldn’t, slob all over themselves while eating, or are rude to the supermarket clerk. They are people – human – flawed people.

I am a human – flawed person. I would never want to misrepresent myself to people. I try to be really honest when I write. But I make mistakes constantly. My kids think I’m “Uncool” at times just like the next parent. I stick my foot in my mouth, I get embarrassed, and I have to apologize. I’m just walking through life learning as I go – like you.

I think we all need to be careful about placing people so high up that they can never measure up to the altitude we’ve put them in. Does that make sense? Yes, those of us who choose to live more public lives by writing or being online do need to try and maintain a good reputation, have integrity, and carry ourselves with some class. But we also still need grace and mercy for we aren’t “superhuman. “ We’re just human.


Faith Imagined said...

You totally wrote this post for me! This past week (maybe 2) God has been showing me that I put certain people on pedestals and worry more about what they think of me than what God thinks of me!!!

Thank you for encouraging me today!!!

Faith Imagined said...

Oh I just noticed the picture of you! Awesome!!!

Bernadine said...

Beautiful post, just what I needed today. Sometimes I put people on pedestals and they disappoint me and sometimes they put me on a pedestal and I disappoint them. Either way it hurts.


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