Saturday, January 16, 2010

When Words Seem Worthless

People go through some tough, tough stuff. Whether it’s the news of cancer, a sudden, tragic death, a horrible miscarriage, infidelity, a house fire…. The list can go on and on. God promised us that we would go through trouble here on earth – and we do.

We each know how it feels to hurt deeply. I don’t think there is anyone alive who hasn’t felt wounded to the core at one point or another. Most of us knew what we needed in the midst of all of that pain – support. Yet, when it’s not us going through the heartache, but a friend or family member; sometimes it seems like we are just at a loss of what to do. We don’t seem to be able to know how to convey the empathy our heart’s feel at the hurt they are going through. And I think it’s because we try and make it too complicated. We think or wish there was something we could DO when oftentimes, there isn’t. There is nothing we can do to fix someone’s broken heart. But we CAN love them. And that may be the most important gift during a time of crisis that we can give someone else.

It may seem like our words are so worthless or trivial. “I’m sorry” seems like so little compared to the depths of someone’s aching heart at times. But “I’m sorry” goes so much farther than we think and words aren’t worthless in the least.

I know that in the times when I’ve been going through tough things, words have meant everything to me. The “I’m sorries,”, the “I care” or the “I’m praying for you” helped me feel less alone. They made me feel like what I was going through mattered and counted for something. I felt validated and nurtured in a strange way by the words and support of others. It doesn’t matter how it comes. It can come in the form of a card, a phone message, or a hug and face-to-face contact. The point is THAT IT COMES.

We can’t give someone back his or her child. We can’t give them back the trust they had in their spouse, or their health. But we can wrap them in our love and prayers. We can be there for them whether they look for us to be there or not.

You are an important gift. Your time, your words, and your love are unique to only you. No one can deliver love, compassion, and understanding quite the way that you can so don’t sit back and wait for someone else to step forward. YOU are needed. Step forward and be there for someone today – whether or not you feel like your words are worthless.

I guarantee you… they are not.


Keri said...

Well said. A great reminder that even when it seems our words won't help, offering support and reaching out is so important.

Nana Jul said...

Thank you for encouraging us even when we feel we have nothing to offer...we do.


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