Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Are You Hungry?

I have this hunger and thirst inside of me that is never quenched. It’s a hunger to learn. But not just learn about anything.

Do you remember how when you were first engaged and about to be married, how you would pick up marriage and relationship books? You probably got premarital counseling too. It was because you were eager to have a good marriage and to give it your best - your all. The same usually happens when you’re expecting a baby. You pick up pregnancy and parenting books.

I have that same hunger to learn. I STILL am eager to learn how to be a better parent. I’m constantly making mistakes and so I listen often to parenting pod casts or read articles that catch my eye. This is also true for my marriage. It’s because there is a hunger inside of me to be the best wife and mom I can be. But, there is also a deeper hunger inside of me.

I am hungry for God.

I don’t think any hunger or thirst inside of me equals the hunger I have to please my Lord; the thirst that I have to know Him more and to know how to hear His voice when He speaks. I crave it – I long for it! I cannot just go to church on Sunday and expect my hunger to be satisfied for it doesn’t last me a whole week. I need more. That is why I listen to Christian pod casts weekly. I read Christian magazines and books. I go to Women’s Bible Study and I listen to Christian radio and music. I am hungry.

I am so confused why people say they are Christians and yet they don’t do anything with their faith. They don’t try to learn more. They don’t pursue God. How can that be? How can you say you love something and yet not try to be better at it? It’s like saying you love burgers but yet never eat them! It baffles me.

It’s no wonder why so many believers feel lost and empty. They are not pursuing God. So when they sit back and expect a sermon on Sunday to fill them up for the rest of the week (or for those who don’t attend a church; expect God to do all the work while they sit back and live life as normal) – they lose their hunger. They no longer feel thirsty. They no longer feel fulfilled. It brings me to tears because they are missing out on so much.

I know people are busy. But that is an excuse. If you don’t have time to read, there are phenomenal Christian radio stations out there that you can listen to in your car or over your computer. They have great Christian programming and even the DJ’s bring scripture and inspiration to a life that gets little else in the way of Christian input. And most people have Ipods. Great Christian shows and speakers can be downloaded FREE at Itunes so they are with you everywhere. You can access them anytime and anywhere.

It’s time for Christians to get hungry again. We have gotten so apathetic. So blasé. So casual about our faith. It pains me. It seriously brings me to tears. Just one taste – just one drink…’s something you can never taste anywhere else and it will leave you hungering and craving for more.

Our God is an exciting God. He is not boring. He is not outdated. He is real and relevant and personal. He wants to love you where you’re at and show you phenomenal things, but you have to open the door. You have to move your feet.

God can help you be a better parent. He can talk to you about that work issue you’re dealing with. He can whisper to your heart and minister to you about that marriage issue you struggle with, the financial squeeze you’re feeling, and the frustrations on your heart. He can guide you in your choices and decisions helping you make wise ones. Pick up that Bible. Read that Christian book. Listen to those pod casts and hear Him. Seek Him. Crave Him.

It’s high time you get hungry.


Cherie said...

Your enthusiasm is contagious! Thanks for such great reminders of the Awesome God we serve.

Dionna said...

Thank YOU Cherie for your kind words.


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