Sunday, February 7, 2010

Distracted Out of Concern

I’m very distracted today. I’m concerned about a friend. By the time I print this article, the concern and distraction will probably be resolved. But for now, I’m having a hard time “busying” myself with other things that need to be done.

I’m that kind of person. When I invest my heart into someone and something is going on – I have a hard time compartmentalizing it. I can’t set my concerns for someone aside when they are going through something pretty big or concerning. Nope – I’m pretty much invested. All of me.

The thought occurred to me that maybe that’s how we are supposed to be. Maybe we’re not supposed to throw out a simple “I’ll pray for you!” without being consumed in love and prayer for that person. Maybe we’re not supposed to go on with our day as if everything is fine. Maybe that’s why God doesn’t allow certain people to leave our hearts and minds at times.

We’re supposed to be there for each other. How can we be there for each other if our heart isn’t invested in someone else’s cares or concerns? How can we be truly “there” if we just check in when the thought crosses our mind? No, I think maybe we are to dedicate ourselves to prayer and physical support or words of encouragement when times call for it.

The next time you find yourself distracted and having a hard time focusing on the tasks at hand, consider the reason. Is it because someone is on your heart? Are they going through a tough time? Then fall on your knees in prayer for them. Pick up the phone and see if you can do anything. Get the word out and start a prayer chain. Devote yourself to doing whatever you can to help and lavish love on your friend. Your distraction may just be God prompting your heart to action.

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Nana Jul said...

Oh, AMEN!!! With you!


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