Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Learning To Be Resourceful

It’s no secret that a lot of us are feeling the “squeeze” of the economy. Even those who may not have felt any effects from the downturn in the beginning; are now feeling a punch here and there. It’s hard to deny the fact that grocery prices have increased while food packaging has decreased. “Extras” are being dropped from companies and even airlines aren’t feeding you anymore without charging you.

I’ve always been one to try and put a spin on negative circumstances and look at them in a positive light. I guess because when I do, it motivates me. It helps me make an internal choice to make the most of my life instead of wasting a day grumbling about it.

I’ve discovered a “positive” in this tough economy right now. That positive is that people are learning to be resourceful. I think when materialism became easier to acquire and you could get “more” for “less” people became accustomed to not having to work for things. People would – in general – not have to get creative, or think outside of the box. In a way, that was sad. We were given such bright minds! To think that we’d let those go to waste is senseless and frustrating. Now though, I’ve seen people get in touch with that part of themselves again. They have to learn how to be resourceful to make ends meet and I think it’s simply wonderful.

It doesn’t matter if being resourceful for you is simply digging deep into your pantry and coming up with a week’s worth of meals to avoid going to the grocery store and spending more, or if it’s learning how to do your own car maintenance. Maybe being resourceful is coming up with some small odd jobs to bring in a little extra income to pay the bills. Whatever it is, it’s a good thing. The economy will eventually pick up again and what you have learned by being resourceful will stay. When we learn how strong we can be and what we are capable of – you just can’t put a price on that kind of character-growing experience! It makes who we are as people wiser, stronger, more compassionate, and generally just better people.

Life is hard. There is no arguing that. But I think it’s through the hard things that we sometimes only learn the true value not just in life itself, but in who we ourselves are as people. We learn to value one another and each moment and gift we are given. There is just no equaling the treasure that is found in that.

If you are having a tough time right now, I pray that you will be encouraged. Know that you can pass great meaning and lessons on to your kids so that hopefully they will have the internal tools it takes to navigate the unfortunate and uncontrollable things that life will guarantee to throw them someday. And know that there is purpose in the pain and always cause for joy.

You are alive and you have something to give this world. Yourself. If you didn’t know that before, maybe it’s time today to dig inside and find out what you can do. You just might surprise yourself.

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Mommie Daze (Colleen) said...

So true that there is a lot to gain even in adversity. My husband lost a job, but ended up going back school. It's lead to better opportunities than his old job ever would have. I know that the Lord's hand was in all of that.


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