Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pajama Clad

I was thinking this morning how much I’ve relaxed as a mom over the years.

I used to see women in their pajamas with no makeup on and think, “Could you at least get dressed?” That was until this year when my daughter had early morning volleyball practices and bus stop pickups. I became one of those mothers. I get in the car and drive in my pajamas. I even have no makeup on and (gasp) often haven’t even brushed my hair or teeth! I will, however, say that I don’t get out of the car. I do draw a line somewhere!

I refuse to go into a grocery store pajama-clad or enter a school building in a slovenly manner. But, I have relaxed my standards about driving a car in a perfectly made-up manner. Sometimes the point is that I just get my daughter somewhere on time.

I still feel pretty strongly about looking nice. I think if you look nice, you will act nice and be more courteous and respectful to those around you. Plus, I don’t want to be an embarrassment to my children. But there are times, (6 am volleyball practices) where it’s okay to not get up at 4 just so you can be perfectly pulled together to drive your child when no one will really even see you.

How about you? What are your views on being “pajama-clad?” Do you think it’s okay to go grocery shopping or fly on a jet in your pajamas? Would you never get caught dead without your makeup on?

However you feel about it, just remember – people are always watching us – especially our kids. And how we behave sends huge messages to them… whatever we’re wearing.


Nana Jul said...

I'm with you. 6am driving my son to school, I have gone in my sweats (pjs)/no makeup. I don't believe you'd catch me on a plane, or in the store in my pjs tho...
Not if it's within my abilities.


Angie said...

I homeschool.. so I really do not have to rush off any where. But I do stay in Pj's till I workout.. which sometimes that is like 1 or 2 in the afternoon.


Jen S. said...

I completely agree with you on this but I can tell you that we are in the minority! I work at a community college and the kids come to class and registration in PJ's everyday, and let me tell you their parents aren't any better.

I miss the days of ladies looking like they did in the movies like How to Marry a Millionaire, or any movie from that era really :)


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