Sunday, March 28, 2010

Childhood Memories

When I was a child, life seemed so simple – so innocent and carefree. I have great memories of my childhood….

~ I remember wanting and then LOVING my big wheel. I road it up and down the sidewalk every time the sun shone when I was 5.

~ I remember when I got older riding my bicycle up and down the street a lot. Helmets weren’t a law and my hair would blow in the breeze.

~ I remember juice in wax bottles. You’d bite off the top and then drink out the sweet syrup inside.

~ I remember pop in bottles! I loved to go visit my dad at work and he’d take me and my sister back to their “pop stash.” I’d get to pick out a flavor – all in glass bottles.

~ I remember going to Taco Bell in Medford, OR and it had outside seating right by these berry bushes that came up out of the side of the river. We could feed the squirrels our leftover taco fillings. That was before someone must have complained and a sign got put up that said “Please don’t feed the squirrels.”

~ I remember going up to Howard Prairie Lake every summer. We’d take walks in the woods, go down to the dock, get ice cream at the lodge, drive out at dusk and look for deer, find walking sticks, and go over to Hyatt Lodge for taco night.

~ I remember sleeping in with my sister in her bedroom every Christmas Eve so that we could get up together and look at our stockings before mom and dad were up. Sometimes we’d draw on each other’s backs making designs with our fingers.

~ I remember watching Gilligan’s Island, Love Boat, the Donny and Marie Show, Little House on the Prairie and Emergency!

~ I remember going over to my Aunt’s house to swim in her swimming pool. It was so nice that someone we knew had a pool! I was always a little scared of her electric pool cleaner that would rotate the pool though.

~ I remember having BBQ’s outside on a charcoal grill.

~ I remember eating dinner outside on our back patio on our picnic table.

~ I remember going up in the woods as a family to get a Christmas tree in the snow. We’d make sandwiches and have hot chocolate in a thermos. A fresh tree!

~ I remember Gunny Sax dresses and jumpsuits. I loved them both.

~ I remember jelly shoes. I can’t fathom for the life of me why I liked them! They weren’t even comfortable!

~ I remember my Michael Jackson notebook that I had.

~ I remember taking my lunch to school in an actual lunchbox that was made of tin and had your favorite celebrity or show on the outside of it.

~ I remember when we had a tv that had no remote control.

~ I remember when we first got a microwave.

~ I remember taping my favorite tunes off of the radio onto a cassette tape.

~ I remember when my dad owned a corvette and only two people could ride in it. I felt so “uptown” when they’d pick me up from school in it!

~ I remember cutting models out of the JC Penney catalog and making them my paper dolls complete with written names on them.

~ I remember making friendship bracelets and pins.

~ I remember asking for a typewriter. Do they even make those anymore?

~ I remember having a Tom Selleck poster on my wall.

~ I remember getting a perm out of a box. Not a good idea.

~ I remember in school if a boy and girl liked each other and wanted to be considered an “item” they would call it “going with” that person. Now I have to explain to my daughter what that meant.

~ I remember when boys wore tails in their hair. And for the record, I never liked that trend either.

~ I remember going to aerobics.

~ I remember buying some kind of a chocolate drop candy that came in a cardboard tube. I loved those. They kind of resembled a huge chocolate chip.

~ I remember cameras with film. That you had to wait months to see because it took you forever to finish a roll.

~ I remember ghetoblasters. I loved mine!

I’m sure I remember a lot more. What do you remember from your childhood?

There is something to be said for simple living. I know I cherish those days and they will always make up a part of who I am.

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