Wednesday, March 17, 2010

If I Were On Television....

I crack up sometimes at television shows and movies. They just don’t really show life the way it is. I mean they do try. But oftentimes I have a hard time getting past certain issues or inconsistencies. For example:

If I were ever on a tv series or in a movie…..

… I wouldn’t wake up in bed with all of my makeup on.

….I wouldn’t start a conversation before I got in a car, then wait until the car had arrived at the next location (scene) before I finished the conversation.

…I would wear the same outfit more than once.

…I wouldn’t enter someone’s house through the back door. No matter how good of friends we supposedly were. Nobody I know does that.

…I wouldn’t always send my kids to their rooms when I wanted to have a private conversation with someone. More than that, they wouldn’t just willingly run out of the room and go!

…I’d rearrange. My living room wouldn’t always look the same nor would my bedroom or kitchen counters.

…I would get sick sometimes. I mean, geez, I don’t always feel well! Sometimes I might have a cold, pms cramps, or even a sinus infection.

…I wouldn’t have “eternal breath.” I mean, if I were swimming underwater to get away from my assassins I wouldn’t be able to hold my breath for 10 minutes. No, I’d have to go up and gasp for air and they’d probably catch me.

…My children’s rooms wouldn’t be huge. In all reality, most bedrooms are half the size of what is shown on tv. (Unless we’re talking about more upscale living arrangements).

…I’d do chores. You might catch me cleaning out the frig, ironing clothes, or even scooping out the cat litter box.

…My TV family would move. You wouldn’t catch us living in the same house for the show’s duration. Families often move across town or even to other states. And hey – that would mean my living room wouldn’t have to look the same! J

…Sometimes it might actually be pitch black during the night. The moon can’t always shine through the bedroom windows.

…If I was having a private conversation with someone or telling them something confidential, I wouldn’t do it three feet away from other people.

…Breakfast would often consist of a granola bar, pop tarts, or a bowl of cereal in the morning. There isn’t always time for a big breakfast before school starts.

…My kids would have homework. And not just a little bit. Sometimes they would have to work on it all night in order to get it done. Especially in junior high and high school!

Life may seem easier, funnier, or better when the media films it. Maybe that’s because they leave out a lot of the very “real” day-to-day facts.

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