Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Slipper Shoes

I don’t like the new trend of “slipper shoes.” Have you seen them? They are a shoe but basically a slipper. Confused? I know.

My daughter keeps trying to point them out to me in order for me to buy her a pair. She’ll try them on and I’ll say, “That looks like a slipper!” To which she’ll reply, “It’s a slipper-SHOE, mom!” Sheesh. I think she wishes I would just get it.

The thing is… I do get it. And I don’t like it.

Call me old fashioned but a shoe doesn’t look like bed-wear to me.

I think the need to be so casual during our day isn’t necessarily a good thing. What happened to dressing up and taking pride in our appearance? Now it’s all about comfort. And I’m into comfort just like the next person but I also believe that how we dress affects how we act. We tend to treat others better when we look and appear more like ladies and gentlemen. Just something I’ve observed.

So for me? I’m going to hope that this “Slipper-Shoe” fad goes away soon before my daughter catches me in a weak moment and convinces me to buy her a pair.

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Angie said...

I totally agree.. and some of the fads should be left to those who do not profess Christ as their Savior. Are we not Ambassadors to the greatest Kingdom? And most do not consider how they represent Him in the external.. effects the internal.

Thought I would give you MY AMEN MOM-Stay strong


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