Thursday, March 11, 2010

There Is Nothing I Cannot Do

I can do all things through Him who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13 (NAS)

“You can do it” is a common chant we give one another when it comes to our dreams. We hear that without God, there is nothing we cannot do. So we strive to become doctors, lawyers, and whatever else we deem is a “successful” person. We hope and pray that God will give wings to our dreams.

There is nothing we cannot do without God. He gives us our strength.

So if that is true, and God can guide us straight to our heart’s wishes and dreams – what about what the rest of the world views as “small stuff?” Can He also give us the strength to overcome those? I emphatically think, “yes.” And I wonder why we don’t ask.

God can give us the strength to get on that airplane when we’re afraid of flying.

God can help us speak up and greet a new friend when we are painfully shy.

God can help us lose weight when we really love to eat.

God can help us forgive when we really don’t want to. He can help us swallow our pride in an argument and let it go. God can help us learn how to save money when we’re much more gifted at spending.

There is nothing He can’t do. For in our weaknesses – if we ask Him to be – He can be our strength.

His strength can shine in those little daily moments that we struggle with. Those times when we battle deep insecurities, long-lived bad habits, and fears that others find quite silly. And yet I find it so interesting that we forget to ask Him in those moments. It’s often only the “big” things that we turn to God for. We forget that He sees every detail of our lives. And more importantly, He cares about them. So why don’t we ask for His guidance, strength, and help in those moments?

I pray that I can challenge myself to share more of my life with the Lord. Not just the awful stuff or the big stuff – but the small and “little” stuff too. For it’s not always little to me. And I’d love to tap into His strength when I’m feeling fearful driving on a scary road or trying to bite my tongue against overreacting or saying the wrong thing. I want to allow Him to work in me and to help me defeat those little moments that creep their way into my heart and mind – soon taking over like weeds that refuse to stop growing.

I want God to be my everything. I want Him to set me free. For with Him, there is NOTHING I cannot do.

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