Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What Then?

Some people are driven. They are driven by one goal in their life. Maybe it’s to achieve stardom as a singer or in a band. Maybe they are driven to visit all the “7 Wonders of the World” or they are driven to adopt. Some people are driven to overcome. They are driven to not be like their parents or driven to be philanthropists. None of these in and of themselves is bad. In fact, many are very admirable goals.

I wonder what happens once a goal has been achieved? I mean, is it really fulfilling or does that satisfaction only last for a little while? I would think it would almost feel weird once the elation of reaching a lifetime achievement has ended. And end it will. I mean, if you have worked your whole life to receive an award in something – what happens to the rest of your life once you’ve done that? What is left for you?

I would imagine that some people can almost feel despair and emptiness. I would imagine that a sense of feeling “lost” might creep in. It would be tough to continue living without having to work, work, work for that one goal anymore.

I think it’s important for us to have goals and dreams in our lives. I mean, you are listening to a bonafide dreamer here so I can really relate to the need for dreams! But, I also think it’s important to keep goals and dreams in context. I think it’s important that those desires don’t become who we are, for when they are achieved, what then are we left with? What then do we do with our time?

You see; life is not about achievement. It’s about interaction. We can do everything under the sun and go everywhere on the map but it won’t fulfill our hearts in the long run and we certainly can’t take “achievement” to heaven! But we CAN take people. We can invest in others and how we make an impact on their hearts and who they are – that DOES matter for eternity.

It’s good to enjoy life. It’s good to have dreams. What child doesn’t dream of becoming an NBA basketball player or a doctor? But there needs to be more than that inside of them. There needs to be something in them that defines who they are – not the career or the label of what they do. For if that is taken away at some point, they need to be able to continue to find meaning and joy in life aside from achievement.

I often think about what I would do if I couldn’t write. What do I do when my children are grown? Is there more to me? Would I feel validated, important, satisfied with life? I hope so. I hope that there is something more substantial inside of me that isn’t defined by what I do but in who I am and how I live life. There is so much “life” to be had. It would be so sad if we limited ourselves to our own tunnel vision of what it should be about.

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