Tuesday, March 30, 2010

You Need Only To Be Still

I don’t like to wait. I’m not very patient. When I get excited about something, I want it to happen NOW. When I’m upset about something, I want it to be resolved NOW.

One day as I was talking to God about a struggle/battle going on in my life – He showed me a verse that either I don’t recall seeing before or that maybe just didn’t resonate with me in the past.

"The Lord will fight for you. You need only to be still." Exodus 14:14

You need only to be still.

Sometimes I just run to action. I want to solve things, research things, etc. when what I really need to be doing is to go on bended knee, pray, and be still before my God.

You see – I think that sometimes when I fly to action, I’m taking the power into my own hands instead of placing it in God’s. I’m not giving Him the chance to fight for me or to bless me. I take that away from Him. And that’s the last thing I want to do.

All of my life I’ve wanted to let the Holy Spirit work in my life never realizing that the very reason I don’t see Him work sometimes is my own squelching of His powers by me running ahead of Him.

You need only to be still.

Something so simple and yet so hard to do. To be still.

But I’m ready. I’m ready to see God fight for me. I’m ready to pause and wait – and discover that God’s got everything safely in His hands and that He will take care of me perfectly in the process.

I just need to be still.


Tamie said...

Dionna; Such a simple thing to do and yet it is so hard!! Something I am working on too, so I am right there with you!!


Dionna said...

Thanks for your comment, Tamie. May we both learn to "be still" so that God can show us and love us in amazing ways!

GodsGirl710 said...

This is so true yet so difficult to do in the storm of circumstance! I am currently in such a storm and I needed this simple reminder! God is so much bigger and has a view of the whole picture. As I exalt Him, He moves in ways I will never know! Praise Him!

Dionna said...

GodsGirl - I am so sorry for your current "storm." Me too - that's what prompted the article! :) I know He will fight for both of us - our God is GREAT.

Jen S. said...


I found your blog recently and have been blessed by it, thank you. This post has been such an inspiration for me, so timely in my life I have to say.

We have been going through what we feel like is hell on earth with our daughter. After a major confrontation I had gone to my bedroom and was laying quietly, this post came flooding back to me. I really feel that God reminded me of it and I felt a blanket of calm come over me right at that point.

I have never heard God audilby speak to me however I felt him gently remind me of what was in this post. I am very much one how feels the need fix and be in control of everything and then wonder why things don't always go "right".

I just had to let you know that you make a difference here. Thank you!

Dionna said...

Jen S. -
Thank you so much for taking a moment to share with me. As you said God used my post to speak to your heart, He likewise used YOU to speak to mine. I've been having a tough time as well - my self esteem is just taking a beating in a certain battle right now and your note was a gift from the Lord to me today.

I am deeply sorry about what is going on with your daughter. I have said a prayer for her and you that God will give you some encouragement and hope and hold on to her.

Hang in there and don't give up.


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