Friday, March 19, 2010

You're Not Just a Face

Have you ever felt like a number? Sure you have. Countless doctors offices, restaurants, or even being on jury duty where you actually are GIVEN a number – all remind you you’re just one of many.

Have you ever felt like just another face? You go to church and people smile and say “hi” but they don’t take the time to dig deeper. They don’t really know what you’re feeling.

I love the reassurance that I’m not just a face to my Lord. God says in Psalms 56:8 that He keeps my tears in a bottle and a record of them in His book. And in Matthew, He says that He knows just how many hairs are on our head. So, if He knows these details – I know that He also knows the expression on my face. Even when I place a smile there, He knows that my heart weighs heavily over a concern or an issue. He knows when I’m lonely and when I’m disappointed.

God knows my personality – my likes and dislikes. For He created me to be this exact way! So I can find reassurance in the fact that I’m not “weird” or “strange” for my distinct tastes and preferences. They were formed to fit me.

God delights in knowing what I think. He wants to be the One to listen to my cares – my hopes, my dreams. He is never in too much of a hurry to stop and be attentive to my needs. Never tired of me – never bored. In fact, the Bible says He delights in me. He longs to spend time with me.

When I feel “average” to others or as if I’m nothing really “special” I believe God would disagree. He gave His son on the cross – just – for – me. That’s how special I am.

No. I’m not just a face. Others may be blinded or not see what it is that God sees in us – but that doesn’t mean we don’t matter. In fact, we matter a lot.

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