Thursday, April 1, 2010

Feeling Dry

Dry. Sometimes I’m just dry. I really feel I need to write some new article pieces and I have no inspiration. Or I feel like my days at home get to be monotonous and I have no motivation to do laundry or clean – I just feel dry!

Sometimes we can feel dry in our marriage relationships or in our friendships. We feel as if we have nothing to give and no one is giving to us. So what do we do when those dry times come?

Just as when our throats are dry and we desire a cup of water, so do we have a thirst when a part of our life feels dry. Maybe we are thirsty for motivation, encouragement, love, or change. Feeling “dry” is like having a desert experience – no matter how small or short-lived that may be. It’s up to us to decide if we are meant to plod through despite how mundane the circumstances may be, or if we need to be proactive and make some different choices. Neither alternative is always as easy as it sounds.

I do know that when I’m going through a dry ‘spell’ that in hindsight, I’m usually always grateful for it in some way. Oftentimes it taught me to get up off my butt and do something instead of waiting around like a waif for something to happen. And mostly, it forced me to go straight to God and cling and look to Him for resolution and refreshment.

If you are feeling dry today, don’t despair. There is someone who can quench that spirit and soul of yours. Go to Him and soak Him in.


Camie said...

Dionna, I feel this way too. Yesterday I was struggling to pray and worship him. It was as though my passion for Him was flickering. So I wrestled over it all morning. My heart cried out "Lord! My love for You is worth the fight! Please increase my faith and light a fire in me!" I just prayed and waited for Him. His presence did come. He fills me anew, washes me with grace and calls me His. Praise the Lord! He is so faithful!

Blessings to you! I like your blog and your honesty! I want to find joy in all I do - even the mundane! Check out my blog if you get a chance, I just posted a linky for finding joy - beauty in the storm! I'd love for you to share!



Dionna said...

Camie -
Thanks for your comments and for stopping by. I am so glad that you feel the Lord's presence again and that your heart is being filled once again.

I do hope you'll return to visit my blog again.


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