Wednesday, April 7, 2010

It Works For Me

I have a little secret. Well, it’s more like a trick, really. See – I can sometimes stress or fret unnecessarily easily. It’s something I’m working on, but in order to improve, I learned that I needed some built-in tools to help me.

It all started one night a few years ago when someone was snooping around our home after we’d gone to bed. I was frightened and even unnerved after the police had come and gone. God brought to my mind an old Sunday School song. It had the perfect words to calm my anxious heart and I finally was able to go to sleep.

I tried this tactic again when I was stressed over a nerve-wracking and upsetting situation. I started reading lots of Bible verses and God brought another old Sunday School song in my head “The Joy of the Lord is my strength.” So I sang that over and over in my head and even out loud when no one was around to laugh at me. It calmed my heart and gave me the strength I was looking for to stand firm.

Old Sunday School songs. Simple melodies that have unshaking truths and Biblical foundations as their core. I’ve come to rely on them.

You see, sometimes when I’m upset, I need to repeat things over and over in my head. For my mind is a tough thing to overcome. It plays all sorts of games with me. But the simple choruses and melodies of “This Little Light of Mine” or “Humble yourself in the sight of the Lord “(and He shall bring you up) as well as “Jesus Loves Me This I Know” are easy melodies to remember. They calm my heart, realign my focus, and reassure my conviction.

So, now you know. My secret’s out. But it’s one that I hope will help you, as well. If you’re so anxious about something that you can’t focus on things at hand and you want to crowd unkind thoughts out of your head – try some of your favorite hymns or some old Sunday School songs. It works for me.

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