Friday, April 30, 2010

Letting Others Have a "Say"

Have you ever let someone else hinder the person you were meant to be?

Think about it for a minute. Remember that time you had that great idea and someone told you it was too hard or too silly and they talked you out of it? Remember when you wanted to start fresh, abandon something that really wasn’t good for your life and someone “guilted” you into staying where you were? Sure – we’ve all been there. We’ve all let others label us or make us doubt our own heart. Why do we do that?

I think it’s because deep down we have insecurities that we don’t measure up – that we don’t have what it takes. But we do. Oh, we do!

I believe each and every one of us has “what it takes.” We just have to believe in ourselves. We have to dig deep sometimes and overcome some ghosts in our own past. Not always fun but sometimes very necessary.

We will never feel free to be who we were meant to be if we listen to the voices around us so much that we fail to see who is looking out for us and offering us encouraging advice and who is simply content having us where we are in our life because that means they feel comfortable too.

Don’t let someone else hinder you from becoming who you were meant to be. So what if your dream is a little bit crazy! So what if the odds are stacked against you? At least you will have tried.

As in the words of my wise daughter, “There are no mistakes or failures, only lessons.”

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