Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Loving The Sound of Nothing

Sometimes my ears get overwhelmed. Just too much noise. I’ve noticed that on the days where there is a lot of “buzz” in my world, I tend to get grumpier more easily.

I think that people underestimate the need to “check out” of noises for awhile. I think people forget (until they experience it) just how much it is needed. We have the noises of radio, tv, traffic, dogs barking, phones ringing, and so much more. It can get to be overload really fast!

There have been more than a few days where I’ve gone to bed at night and just breathed a deep sigh while I’ve embraced the quiet. It brings peace to my heart when there is so much chaos and hubbub that loves to inundate my life.

I hope I can teach my kids the value of quiet. I know kids usually love activity, music, and noise. It’s exciting to them and adds fun to their life. But I want them to learn to value the sound of silence as well. I want them to feel the peace, clarity, and refreshment that comes over their heart, mind, and soul when they clear out all the other noise for awhile just to hear their own thoughts.

The older I get, the more I value the moments I get to hear the sound of “nothing.” They are needed and valued and in an ever-increasing noisy world, I do not take them for granted.


Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

Hey friend~
I <3 what you said here:

The older I get, the more I value the moments I get to hear the sound of “nothing.”

I too...<3 the quiet...and I find my heart and soul hunger for that, for in those still quiet moments...God presence is so real to me...hence my desire for LOTS of quiet.

Have a BLESSED day.

Dette said...

You are so right... I often myself just hiding from my fears by dwelling in the noise and chaos of everything around me —tv, internet, senseless music̵ and at the end of the day it just leaves me exhausted and empty...

I recently came to practice waking up earlier than usual and just walk enjoying the quietness of nature... I find this very rewarding and gets me through my day a lot better!

Thanks for your beautiful thoughts..


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