Friday, May 28, 2010

In the Moment

The other night as I was laying in bed ready to go to sleep; I paused for a moment. My mind had been racing with thoughts of things from the day, things to do for the next day, etc.

It started to rain. And I just paused and listened to the rain, enjoying the sound as I was snug in my bed. I looked around my room and felt comforted by the familiar and the loved things surrounding me. I smiled softly at the Christian music playing lowly from the radio on my bedside table. The thought just struck me – how often do we take in the moment? It seems like so often we are so busy with our thoughts, to-do’s, prayer requests, regrets, replays in our head…that we just overlook what is happening right then – right where we are.

I hear often of people soaking in the bigger moments in life. I think we often overlook taking in the smaller moments. So wherever you are right now – stop. Listen to the sounds around you. Whether it’s the hum of your dishwasher or washing machine or the sound of kids playing and laughing in the next room. Listen for the things you often overlook. Is a bird chirping outside your house? Do you hear the hum of a lawnmower or the sound of sprinklers?

What do you see? Don’t just look at it, but really look and reflect upon it. Look at that picture that hangs on your wall and remember the time it was purchased or taken. Let the feelings and moods of that moment come over you. Look at the plants, the candles, or the view out your window.

What do you smell? Is it an aroma from the last meal cooked in your kitchen? Your husband’s cologne? Do you smell a yummy candle given to you from a friend or your child? When was the last time you closed your eyes and simply enjoyed those smells?

What do you feel? Do you feel boosted from the sunshine coming in your window? Do you feel warm and cozy or are you experiencing a heart in turmoil? Take it in – embrace it for a moment. Let it envelop you.

We can get into such a rut of overlooking beauty that exists right where we are. We forget that softly playing music in a moonlit bedroom is beautiful because we’re so busy planning for the next day or reliving the one we just had. We can forget to soak in the beauty of our kitchen because we are so focused on the duty it brings us instead of the nourishment.

Let the familiar be enjoyable not overlooked. Take time once in awhile to just take in the moment. It will truly enhance your daily experiences and make them feel more alive and vibrant…which of course they were anyway – we’d just forgotten.

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