Saturday, May 22, 2010

Oh How Often We Complain!

I’ve realized lately that we complain a lot. A lot! We have become a society of whiners. Our kids probably caught it from us. What great examples we are! Seriously.

You don’t whine or complain much? Think about it. When was the last time you uttered some choice words because you were in a long car line or traffic on the freeway? How about getting impatient at that elderly woman in line in front of you at the store or the young mom maneuvering the huge shopping cart with riding space for the kids attached? Can you relax at a restaurant and calmly wait for your food or do you find yourself irritated that it doesn’t get to you quicker? How about waiting for your bill?

Here are some tougher ones.

Do you gripe often about injustices, stupid policies, and incompetent teachers at your child’s school? Do you verbally talk about your child’s friends (or enemies?) How about your community leaders? Your nation’s leaders? What your husband does or doesn’t do around the house? How slow your kid’s are to obey or follow through with a task?

Hey – I’m right there with you. I can answer “yes” to many of the above questions and I’m not proud of it. I HAVE been working on my attitude though – internally and verbally expressing it. I’ve been trying to become more patient, give people the benefit of the doubt, and pray for them more often instead of simply griping about them.

Life is not about me. I may have to wait. I may not get my fair due at times. I may not like what’s going on around me. But I can do something in a positive, respectful way instead of merely complaining about it. I don’t think I “wear” complaining very well. No one does. And I want my children to learn how to take steps to make a change when possible – and how to submit the things that they can’t control to God in prayer.

We really have become quite self-indulgent and “me” focused. My desire is to change that – at least for myself and within my family unit. I want to learn to take things better in stride, relax more, let things “go” if they don’t really matter in the bigger picture of life, and just roll with life a little better.

I think I will learn more that way.

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