Monday, June 7, 2010

Chili Pepper Tour

Yesterday we left Idaho for another 3 week road adventure as a family. The day was pretty uneventful and things went fairly smoothly; for which I am very thankful for. We drove through Utah, Wyoming and into Denver where we met up with my cousins for dinner. My cousin Tamie, had a huge dinner waiting for us with roast beef, bread, fruit salad, sweet potato fries, and regular salad. She went above and beyond - my plate was full! She also made us a great dessert. I forget what she called it but it had chocolate cake with pumpkin, cool whip and butterfinger on top. I’ve already asked her for the recipe! It was so great to see my two cousins whom I don’t get to see much anymore. And I even got sweet hugs from her little
boys when I left (who had been very shy upon our arrival). It touched my heart and made my whole day!

We left Idaho in the dark and pouring down rain yesterday. So even though Denver was very windy, it was so nice to feel warm! Today we are driving through a very grey, rainy, chilly state of Kansas. I think things will heat up as we head South…I’m counting on it anyways.

The only other thing that stands out to me from our first day is driving through Wyoming and wondering where all the cows and horses were. It was pretty desolate. I thought Wyoming was known for ranching? I was just a little surprised is all.

We have dubbed this road trip the “Chili Pepper Tour” because when we first plotted things out on the map, the shape of our drive looked like a chili pepper. As we adjusted things somewhat, the shape shriveled a little. HAHA – But we have kept the name because it so fits our family.

(Keeping their eye out for tornados!)

We’ve only just begun this adventure.


Lyndsay said...

I so can't wait to read all your trip as to offer!! SO.MUCH.FUN!! I want to take a road trip like this so bad with my family, but with Hubby's schedule it doesn't allow us to. :( Maybe someday. HAVE FUN & BE SAFE! What wonderful memories you are creating!! LOVE IT!

Dionna said...

Thanks Lynds! Do keep us in your prayers the next few weeks! :) I hope someday your family can do some kind of road trip - you have lots of time ahead of you :)


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