Friday, June 25, 2010

The Grand Canyon

We left Cortez, CO and the “cool” Mesa Verde ruins to head to the Grand Canyon. We were going to stop at Four Corners on the way. Four Corners is where the states of Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado all meet at one point. They have a memorial where you can get some fun pictures of being in four places at once. Well, we were so disappointed to see that it was going to be closed until August for renovations. We decided to stop outside the gate anyways and take a few fun pictures showing our disappointment.

Some bikers showed up and were ticked that it was closed. They used some colorful words to express what we were also feeling – and we found the situation a little humorous.

The closer we got to the Grand Canyon, the hotter it got. I think we reached 100 degrees. We found some curios here and there alongside of the road with Navajo Indians selling turquoise jewelry and pottery. We stopped at about between 5-6 of them and picked up a few pieces of jewelry for me and the girls. My husband also bought a cool bow and arrow made by this one gal’s grandfather. We told him it was his Father’s Day gift from us (since we’d been on the road and not celebrated too much.)

We visited the North Rim at the Grand Canyon. I heard from a few people that it is prettier than the South Rim, but I wouldn’t know since I’ve never been to either before! We got a cabin right near the rim and our view was beautiful. The Grand Canyon is definitely majestic and powerful. You feel so small next to its grandeur.

I mainly visited because my husband has always wanted to go to the Grand Canyon. For me – personally – I was very nervous to be there. I don’t like being near cliffs and canyons very much and was surprised at how the paths had some drop offs and holes below the fences. We gave our girls strict instructions for “no messing around” and my husband firmly gripped my youngest by the hand. I’ve heard that 4 people a year fall at the Grand Canyon!

We ordered dinner from their deli instead of eating in their big dining room. I got a turkey and provolone sandwich with tomato and onion and the rest of my fam got a pizza. It was all very good. Just as we were getting ready for bed, I heard a strange noise like rain hitting the cabin. I told everyone to “hush” and said, “Do you hear that? Is it rain?” And as we all grew quiet, I heard a noise and preceded to look at the window right in front of me to see a huge white rat on the screen outside. I started to scream and then covered my face (trying not to scare my children) but it was too late. My oldest also saw it and proclaimed, “Was that a rat?” I’d heard that cabins near the rim have mice problems, so needless to say – I was on edge. Between my fear of rats invading our cabin and the forceful and powerful winds that invaded the canyon at night, I did not sleep good at all. I woke up at one point to find that my husband and oldest daughter were also struggling to sleep. Our cabin was nice, but our sleep was not! HA HA

We were all really wiped out the next day. My husband got up early to go take a walk and get some pictures of the canyon in the solitude as daylight approached. The funny thing is, we discovered that our clocks were wrong and he’d gotten up at 3:48 am! After a bad night’s sleep – that definitely leaves a tired man. I got up at 5:48, thinking it was 6:48. Sheesh.

We went ahead and hung out for awhile and then checked out. We used the porter because the parking lot was quite a ways away. They had construction up there (as did Mesa Verde) so the parking lot was a mess.

We took one trail and got some more sandwiches from the deli to eat at a picnic over by the trail. We chose a fairly easy one and it was a good choice. We had a great view and got to see the Colorado River way down below. After hanging out for awhile – we left the Grand Canyon.

We drove to Kanab, Utah where we spent the night. We visited this little museum/gift shop place where they had old movie sets. I guess quite a few old Westerns, etc have been filmed in Kanab. Who knew? So we had fun perusing and taking some fun shots along the way. Several of the sets seemed to be from “The Outlaw & Josey Wales” featuring Clint Eastwood.

Today – we are going home. There is a bit of melancholy knowing this adventure is over – but what a great adventure it’s been! I’m so thankful for these road trips and the memories they’ve created for our family. We have a long day ahead of us, but God has kept us safe. I don’t take that lightly.

It will be back to routine shortly. Sort of. I have my sister and her family coming in to visit in a week and then they will leave for their own vacation for a few days and come back through leaving my nephews to stay with us for a week. That will be lots of fun.

Have I ever said how much I love summer? I do.


Barbie said...

I've been enjoying your vacation through photos and your recaps. The Grand Canyon is so beautiful and so very majestic. So thankful you got to spend this time with your family building beautiful memories.

Dionna said...

Thanks Barbie! I'm glad you enjoyed my recaps! It was fun sharing it and a great way for me to write things down so I'd always have them to remember. :)


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