Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Loveless Cafe & Fireflies

On our way into Tennessee last night we started observing a fellow driver on the road who seemed either drunk or “high.” This woman was weaving and I saw her almost hit the back of two semis as she drifted over into the other lane. Then we saw her almost go off into the grass on the other side and when the lane narrowed and went into one from two, she still stayed out to the left. She’d speed up and then slow down. We finally decided to call it in to the highway patrol. When my husband said, “How would you feel if she killed someone – or herself and we’d done nothing?” That’s all it took for me to pick up my cell phone.

We got off the highway about 2 miles later so I’m not sure if they caught up with her to pull her over or not, but I’m hoping. She was being VERY unsafe.

We made it into Tennessee around the dinner hour which was perfect since we wanted to stop and eat at the “Loveless Café.” I’d heard about it a few years ago. They serve home-style southern food and a lot of Country Music stars like to eat there. Alas, we didn’t see any during our visit. But we did have a fun dinner. I tried the “Loveless BLT” with fried green tomatoes instead of regular tomatoes. I had never had them before. I’m still not sure what I thought of them! HA HA They seemed a little salty – hard to pinpoint the taste. I don’t think I love them, but I am glad I tried them. My husband also tried cheese grits. Some of you southerners are probably laughing at us but we’ve never eaten these foods before! I tasted his grits and to me they tasted like macaroni and cheese sauce with little lumps of “something” – not sure what. HA HA So – dinner was a fun adventure. The Loveless Café also has wonderful homemade biscuits. My girls were not too adventurous but I have hopes that as they get older they will expand their food horizons. I have!

We went into their store after dinner and browsed around. They had bacon flavored floss in there. Are you kidding me? That sounds so gross to me.

After dinner, we drove around Franklin for a bit. We went across this bridge and you could see this long road below with huge estates and lots of grass on their acreage. It was so stunning! You couldn’t pull over on the bridge otherwise we would have taken a picture.

On our way to our motel, it had gotten dark and we started seeing fireflies in the grass. The way they were lighting up, it looked like the grass was sparkling. I just loved it. I love fireflies. How can you not? They are so cheerful. They looked like glitter and they would be exceptionally festive on the fourth of July, I’m thinking!

We are now headed to Georgia to visit some friends. We’ve had another downpour today. Sigh.

Sure hoping we lose this rain soon!

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