Sunday, June 13, 2010


We didn’t actually leave Georgia yet. Yesterday we spent some time in Atlanta. We started out our day by going to the World of Coke. My husband is a huge coke fan. He won’t drink any other soda – only coke. So it was a must-stop for us.

It was interesting, but one thing I was bummed about was that we somehow missed seeing the actual bottling process of coke. And once you exit into the coke store, you can’t re-enter the tour area.

We tasted coke products from all over the world. I got a little sick from so many different carbonated tastes sitting in my stomach! Some were pretty decent – others (like the “Beverly” from Italy) were just outright nasty. I had to drink a few more just to get the taste of that one out of my mouth! We also got a small free bottle of coke. In fact, we all bought a small bottle of coke outside in the heat later on in the day. Nothing like drinking ice cold coke out of a bottle, I tell ya.

The next thing on our agenda was to eat lunch at Chik-Fil-A. Not just any Chik-Fil-A but THE original. They call it the dwarf house. I’m not sure why. It does have a red roof and a dwarf door on the outside but other than that, it seems fairly normal. Our dear Georgia friends drove up for one last visit before we leave the state. It was so nice and we had a fun lunch together doing lots of laughing. We talked a lot about Southern expressions and they got a kick out of making me say, “Git ‘er done.” Unless you’re from the South and have friends from the Northern U.S. such as us, you may not find the humor in that like we all did.

I will say that Chik-Fil-A lived up to its reputation. It was very good and I’m already ready to go back. I’m also told I need to try a chicken biscuit for breakfast sometime, so hoping to run across more on our trip.

We stood out front for a little while snapping some photos, laughing some more, and once again putting off saying goodbye. But it had to be done. So sad!

In the afternoon we trekked back into town to tour the CNN studios. I must admit, I’m more of a “Fox” fan--- but I do love the news and love to know what is going on in the world, so it was an interesting tour. It being Saturday and not having any breaking news going on; the studios were more quiet than normal, I think. Still I found it fun.

For once, we made it back to our motel fairly early in the evening. It gave my girls some time to swim which they jumped at.

Today we are once again on the road. We’ve been on vacation for one week now. Two more to go. Hard to believe we aren’t even half-way done.

Please continue to keep our family in your prayers as we do so much driving across the states. For safety and health. Thanks so much!


The Scott family said...

My husband and I used to live in Atlanta and we decided to have a "tourist" weekend and do all the fun stuff there. I hadn't been to the World of Coke since I was in middle school and we had the best time daring each other to drink Beverly. GROSS! Glad you had fun and don't miss that chicken biscuit!

Dionna said...

What a fun thing to do! We did miss out on the chicken biscuit -- I know - so sad! We'll just have to plan another trip south to try one. :)


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