Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Neat Place

***UPDATED*** I got a couple pictures to upload this morning before we hit the road - so yay! Enjoy this amazing place...
We spent our day out in Mesa Verde outside of Cortez, CO today. They have cliff dwellings that are pretty amazing to see. I loved our time spent there.

The weather was just about perfect. Sunny but not humid and not too hot.

We hiked to several of the dwellings and took a couple guided tours as well. It was so amazing to see a piece of history up close and imagine what life was like way back when. I don’t know why I haven’t heard more about Mesa Verde or why it’s not a more popular travel destination. It really is amazing and you get to see the cliff dwellings up close.

We even saw 3 mule deer at the park today – all of them were quietly right by where there were people!

Even though we had such a great day in the outdoors, we are all a little bummed tonight as we leave tomorrow and were going to stop by the Four Corners National Monument. And we just discovered that it’s closed until August. I’m thinking, “Why would they close in peak travel season?” So we are a little blue – but what can you do? We will head to the Grand Canyon anyways without this stop added in.

**Side note** For whatever reasons I cannot upload pictures. So sorry! But I'm hoping to do a slide show of our whole road trip when I get home and post it on here so will get some pics on here then.

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