Sunday, June 6, 2010

On The Road of Fear

Well, we just embarked on a family road trip. So exciting. The one we took the summer before last created such wonderful family memories and bonds with all of us. This one – this one is going to be a little bit different.

This road trip seems to highlight some really fearful areas in my life. We are driving through tornado alley during tornado season. Going through New Orleans in hurricane season. We plan to do an airboat ride in the swamp and see alligators up close. And – go to the Grand Canyon.

Each one of these things causes great fear to rise up in me. Whether it’s the thought of being on the flat plains of Kansas with nowhere to run when a tornado strikes, the thought of getting chomped on by an alligator, or my daughter falling off the cliff in the Grand Canyon – doesn’t really matter. These thoughts have each been mine. I’ve owned them and I’ve seen them very vividly played out in my head.

What may seem silly to someone else is a very real fear to another. My fears grew when I became a mom and they grew – and well – they grew some more.

I’ve decided I’m done with them. No more. I refuse to be run by my fears. I refuse to allow Satan to rule my mind in this manner. So, this month – I’m facing several of them all at once.

Please keep me in your prayers over the next few weeks as I attempt (with God’s strength and courage) to face some of my fears. I know that He will have special thoughts and words for me as I overcome each one and I look forward to leaving them in the dust where they belong instead of letting them reside in my heart and head.

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