Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Road Travel Necessities

I don’t need a lot when we go on a road trip. Whether driving somewhere just for the day or for a few weeks, I’ve always enjoyed looking out the window. Conversations with the fam are enjoyable too and there’s nothing like being cooped up in a car together to really bond and have some great discussions.

That being said, I do HAVE to bring a long just a few of what I call “Road Travel Necessities.”

~ My travel blanket. It’s a small blanket that my mother-in-law made and I save it only for travel time. It’s perfect to roll up and place in my carry-on bag for cold airplanes or to stash at my feet in the car. I often use it on road trips to cover and warm up my legs or to put behind my back or even to wrap around my arms. My husband and I like different room temps and this is great when he’s needing some fresh air and yet I’m still chilly.

~ My Ipod. Gotta have it. It’s got all of my current favorite tunes plus some old standby’s that are guaranteed to make me smile, ponder life, or belt out in song. Plus I have a lot of podcasts stored on it so can listen to inspiration any time.

~ My laptop. I never know when an article idea will strike me and so it’s nice to know I can grab this and start pounding away on the keyboard before my creative juices leave me for awhile. Plus, my girls can play a few games on here if it’s an extended car trip.

~ Water bottle. If I ever forget my water bottle – guaranteed I will be thirsty right away!

~ A couple magazines. Sometimes I do bring a book which I’m sure most people have as their car necessity item. But I’ve found that magazines take up less space and then I can throw them away along the line freeing up more room.

~ Sunglasses. Great for bright sunny days or for when I’m feeling really tired and I don’t want people in other cars to see me nodding off.

~ Cell Phone with charger. Important in case of emergency.

~ A few munchies. Normally something sweet, something salty, and something healthy thrown in for good measure. Yet somehow along the way it’s only the sweet and salty that seem to get restocked.

What are your road travel necessities? How do they make for a more comfortable trip?

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