Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Running Out of Breath

Crazy busy. That’s what my home has been like the last 3 or so weeks. I’m amazed that I haven’t gone insane. I don’t thrive on busyness – I thrive on consistent and steady. Like the turtle, but maybe a little bit faster pace. J

It all started when we decided to send our girls back to a Christian school for next year. We ended up having multiple visits with interviews, testing, dropping off papers, etc. This pushed our already-full schedule to full tilt. Everything seemed to land within these three weeks and most of it had to be done. No rescheduling – no different dates. We are leaving for 3 weeks this weekend… so it all has to be squeezed in and accomplished before we leave.

My daughter had a small oral surgery. Had to be done. Had to be done because today is hopefully her last ortho appt before removing her braces. She also has a volleyball camp this week that happened to land on her last week of school because her new school is already out. So I’ve been driving to take her at 9am and go back and pick her up at 12pm and then today back again to get her for her ortho appt which could not be re-scheduled. I think she’ll have been at school for a total of 2 hours. But she had to be there. Had to turn in locker stuff and p.e. stuff. No skipping for her.

Last night we had a long-planned concert. Carrie Underwood. Who could cancel that? It was fabulous. Huge Carrie fan, I am. Sons of Sylvia opened for her and they were fab too. I went and bought a few of their songs on Itunes….aaah, but I digress.


I am so ready to go out of town and get away. I am so ready for sunshine. We have had the coldest, grayest, wettest year ever. We missed Spring – completely. In fact, I’ll be happy if its 70 today, without the sunshine.

Racing. That’s what it feels like we’ve been doing. Racing. Running to and fro.

I don’t think life was meant to be lived at such a frenzied pace. And yet at the same time, I think God knew we’d be running it at so many times on so many levels.

In Hebrews 12:1 – 2 it says, “Let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.”

With perseverance. So that is what I’m trying to do. Be intentional as I wade and weave my way through the ins and outs of my days right now. Hoping I can find a few spare moments in the next couple of days to finish packing. Find time to still talk to my God and not let Satan so “busy” me that I ignore the very one who holds my days in His hands. And I can find ways to be thankful. Thankful for a full life. Thankful for children that rely on me. Thankful – but still hoping not to reside in craziness forever.

‘Tis a season. One where your attitude makes a world of difference. I’m so thankful God has helped me hang on to mine….

I’m not out of breath yet.


Barbie said...

I am learning to slow down. I like to stay busy. It means I don't have to reflect on those things that may not be going quite as planned. But God is calling me to slow down because He has things to say. Oh and I LOVE Carrie Underwood. Hope it was a great concert! Blessings!

Dionna said...

It WAS a fabulous concert, Barbie! :) And good for you in trying to slow down.


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