Sunday, July 18, 2010

One Breath Away

I learned something through a couple of pretty big mistakes in my life. I learned how quickly we could screw up our lives. How easy it is to ruin everything you stand for and work for.

We can be so judgmental… people. We can look down on others for the messes and mistakes in their lives, all the while, failing to see how easily we can make our own.

I learned we are all one breath away from disaster. One breath away from our whole lives changing. And it’s humbling.

Lest you think I’m wrong – when was the last time you said something when you were upset, later regretting it deeply? When was the last time you were in a car accident that could have been much, much worse? When was the last time you acted passionately in an incidence only to have to try and repair things later? When did you act foolishly with your finances or dive into something ignorantly without checking the rules or facts first? Yes – we’re all one breath away. For most of us, grace and mercy spares us from deeper consequences. For which I’m eternally thankful.

I’ve been a “good girl” all of my life. Fear has kept me that way. Anytime I’ve ever done anything – I’ve gotten caught. So it’s easy to have fear keep you on the right path. And yet sometimes my naiveté has landed me into trouble, as well. I’m learning that the fact that you didn’t realize something just can’t be an excuse in life anymore. You have to think and use your head.

Of course we can’t be perfect. We can’t always hold our tongue when we’re upset – but we can get closer to it if we practice that tactic. We will make mistakes, have errors in judgment, and mess up. Just know that if things work out all right or you’re spared discipline or embarrassment – it’s not because you were “lucky.” It’s because of God’s great and deep love for you and His unending grace and mercy. Never count them out or take them for granted.


Amy Sullivan said...

One of my favorite songs has the line "we are all one call from our knees".

One call, one conversation, one act can forever change us and our lives. You are right- it is so humbling.

God is so very big and His unending grace and mercy is unfathomable! Loved this post.

Dionna said...

Thank you, Amy.


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