Friday, July 16, 2010

Pet Peeves

Everyone has pet peeves. What one person can overlook drives someone else completely crazy. What another person finds offensive or disrespectful, another can easily offer grace and mercy.

I’m not sure if our pet peeves stem from bad experiences or merely our God-given personalities but they are there constantly challenging us.

Here are some of my pet peeves –

~ Naked Toddlers running around in public. Or even a little girl in pants or diapers but nothing covering her chest. (When I say in public – I usually see this at parks, lakes, recreational type events)

~ People who are late.

~ Hearing other people swallow. My daughter can swallow (for fun) pretty loudly and it just grosses me out. I just don’t like to hear others swallow!

~ Wet paper.

~ People who cut in line in front of you (in a car) and then wave “thank you.” Umm – excuse me? I didn’t have a choice!

~ People who come into a movie at the last minute and ask you if you wouldn’t mind moving down a couple seats. Never mind that you were there 30 min early just so you could pick out which seats you wanted!

~ People who ask to borrow money and then never pay you back.

~ People who don’t “RSVP” to invites.

~ When I park “waaayy out” in a parking lot so as to not be by any other cars and then come back out to my car to find one other car right in the slot next to me.

~ Girl Cliques.

~ Stores that don’t have price tags on things for sale. If I have to ask, then I don’t want it.

~ Dogs roaming free. Dogs that don’t stay in their own yards. Dogs that constantly bark.

~ Last minute planning when you knew of an occasion or event ahead of time.

~ Texting codes. I don’t like to have to stop and figure out what the abbreviation means. Just say it.

~ People on planes who have their seat tilted wayyy back so your knees can’t move and are all crunched. And they leave it this way THE WHOLE FLIGHT.

~ Swearing. It’s not cool. It’s not pretty. It doesn’t make you look or sound tough. It’s just ugly.

~ Uncontrolled children. Especially in public pools or in the bleachers at school functions. If they are splashing me, running by me, being loud so I can’t hear or not being respectful.

~ Anything wrong with my food. Dirty glasses at a restaurant, bugs, discolored lettuce, hair; I get grossed out easily.

~ FREEZING stores and restaurants. If you want me to stay and purchase more – don’t chase me out of the store by making me miserably cold.

~ People who don’t keep their word.

~ Price tags on the front of picture frames that then leave a sticky residue.

What are some of your pet peeves?

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