Friday, July 30, 2010

The Spicy McChicken

Okay. So I've had this video since our road trip. It cracks me up every time I watch it.

My daughter LOVES the McChicken sandwich at McDonald's. Well, on our road trip we discovered that they suddenly switched from offering the regular McChicken to the SPICY McChicken. She ordered it anyways thinking she could manage it.

It was like flames were going off in her mouth. HA HA It was so funny to watch her eat this thing and then drown herself in water...which we ended up discovering wasn't the purest.

So I think my daughter would like to make a special request... Please, McDonald's. Please bring back your REGULAR McChicken!


{LynsD} said...

ok I so don't know how I missed that you posted this before, but holy cow... funny! Poor Kamica!! At least she was a tremendous sport! Taking it like a true champ, but YUCK the water... :( Did you mention that to management??? LOL In the words of Abbi... Don't ever try to spicy McChicken. If you do good luck!! :) It was good to hear your voice again too!! :)

Dionna said...

Lynds -
Didn't mention the water because we think it was in the pipes or something. :( Gross!


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