Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Letting Cobwebs Gather

I was dusting today. As I was going around my house getting rid of the dust that had accumulated, I happened to look up. I saw the nastiest set of cobwebs by a speaker hanging from our ceiling. It had obviously been neglected for a while!

I started looking up around my home and noticed several corners and edges up high that had cobwebs. Maybe not as bad as the first one I noticed, but cobwebs nonetheless. And it occurred to me how often I go about dusting my home and forget to look up. So the cobwebs can grow and accumulate up above my head.

The same is true of our lives. A lot of times we tend to the things we see right in front of us. We think everything is clean and that we are sitting pretty. But we forget to look in the corners and nooks tucked out of our line of vision. Those areas of our lives that are gathering cobwebs.

Maybe it’s an area of bitterness that we haven’t dealt with because it’s not currently bothering us. Maybe it’s the loss of something that we’ve failed to grieve or a hurt that we set on a shelf. Sometimes those things that are gaining cobwebs in our lives are the very things that are keeping us from feeling whole. We wander around wondering what is missing and why we can’t move forward. It’s because there are cobwebs that are taking up residence in our lives.

Just as in a home – every area of our heart and soul needs to be dusted off and cleaned. We can’t expect things to heal themselves. We can hope for everything to feel “good as new” but it won’t. Not without some attention from us.

Is it time that you got out that dust rag or feather duster and cleaned off some corners of your heart? Do you need to look at some things that you’ve buried deep inside – things that have grown cobwebs?

We think things stay back in the past when we move on with life but they don’t. They come with us. They reside in us.

In order to be whole as a woman, as a mother, and as a wife – we need to pay attention to every area of our lives. We need to deal with the “junk” even though (just like dusting) it’s not fun. Once we do? We’ll wonder how we ever could have let that spot get so neglected.

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