Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Longing For More

I haven’t seen or done as much in my life as some people. I’ve never bungee jumped, climbed Mt. Everest, or been in the jungle with a native tribe. But I HAVE been on a couple of missions trips, two cross country road trips lasting at least 3 weeks, and experienced a few other things in life.

What I have been finding lately, is that each time I come back from an “adventure,” it feels good to be home – yet at the same time I quickly want myself feeling another “high.” I long for the excitement that I felt previously. Daily life can seem monotonous and I find myself discontented with a normal day more easily.

The longer I’m at home, the more I appreciate normal days and long for them if life gets a little stressful or overwhelming. What is that about? And which is the way God would have me live? Would He want me longing for a nice quiet day at home, or would He prefer me to clamor for that next adventure?

Not all of my adventures away from home have been what I call “God-causes.” Some of them have been purely for personal reasons. Maybe our family just wanted to have fun or go somewhere and see something that we’d always wanted to see or were curious about. But even in those moments, I find that because God lives in my heart, He is there with me championing me on as I soak in the very life that He’s given me.

I don’t think God wants us to waste away our days at home. I do think He wants us to take time for rest, relaxation, and refreshment in order to know our own hearts and minds. I don’t think He wants us to wear out – even on adventures.

If we can find the balance that exists in going out and truly living and embracing all the world has to offer with a little bit of pampering, resting, and nurturing of our mind and souls here and there – imagine how rich life could be on a regular rotating basis! The challenge is in simply seeing “when” and “how” each needs to be done.

I find myself seeking this exact balance. I crave the fullness and mystery of not knowing what a day will bring when I’m away from home and yet at times, I really need the haven that my home provides me. Each has its purpose. I pray I never lose the yearning I have to see more – do more – and know more of God’s world and people and that in the process He will show me how to rest in Him and find the contentment and joy that only He can provide in a normal, quiet day.

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