Friday, August 20, 2010

Our Children Need More Mothers

The lost art of motherhood. I hate what I see is happening to it.

Being a mom is one of the most priceless gifts I have been given. Yet, I see a significant increase in the “devaluing” of this role. Women are encouraged to go out and be all they can be. Yes, they are told they can be a mom too, but being a mom is not given the priority. The “all they can be” is given the priority.

I’ve seen the way a mom is portrayed in television change over the years too. Mrs. Beaver is now laughed at when she used to be admired and epitomized. And yet I have to wonder if our homes aren’t seeing what price we are paying for the lack of “Mrs. Beavers” being in them!

Children are constantly being asked what they want to be when they grow up. Little girls especially, are not encouraged to simply want to be a wife and mom. They are expected and guided to college and career choices. I ask you, what is wrong with simply wanting to be a mom? More than that – why isn’t it encouraged?

Our children need more mothers. Not just women who are moms – but mothers. Women who are wanting to be in the home, wanting to be a mom, wanting to nurture and care for their own children. Our children need more mothers who think less of their own social lives and more of their time invested in their children’s. Our children need moms who are there to hold them when they cry, laugh with them, cook for them, and tuck them into bed. They need moms who are at home to talk to them about puberty and menstruation instead of leaving it up to the schools. They need moms who tell them how to treat other girls and how to live moral lives.

Our children need less daycare, less career women, less “latchkey” time in the home, and less bouncing from one parent to the other. They need homes intact and mothers focused on raising them right. We need mothers who are willing to say “no” so that a child has discipline, boundaries, respect, and structure incorporated into their lives.

Yes, of course there are women who have to work. Some, God has even called to their fields. Yes, of course there are women who are divorced or single mothers who wish they were not in the situation they were in. Yes, of course there are moms out there who have regrets. But on the whole, our society needs more women to turn their hearts towards home. Turn their hearts toward their children and their families. Not just in duty, but in love.

Our children need us. They need us to be mothers. They don’t need us to be really great at our job so we can get ahead in our field. They don’t need us to have lots of friends. They need US, in the home being a mother.

That’s really what it comes down to.

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