Sunday, August 8, 2010

Why Does the Good Guy Have to Fight For What is Right?

It seems like the good guy always has an uphill climb. No? You don’t think so. I do.

The good guy has to fight to get the “bad guy” to pay his dues. Whether it’s someone who runs off with your money, steals your identity, overcharges you, bullies you, disobeys the law – whatever. It seems the “good guy” has to fight to be heard and fight to have justice served.

Doesn’t this seem a little backwards to you? Should life be so hard? Should it be so hard to simply make those in the wrong pay for what they’ve done? Why does the good guy have to fight so hard to simply “unvictimize” themselves?

Just seems screwy somewhere. It should be those who go against the laws, who violate the rights, who do wrong…. It should be those very ones who have an uphill battle proving themselves; not the other way around.

No wonder people let things go. No wonder people don’t want to get involved. Because they know it’ll be tough to simply “get what’s right.”

And that makes me so sad.

Thank heavens for those who fight for the rest of us anyways even knowing they have an uphill battle. Thank heavens for the small minority of people who have inner conviction and courage.

No matter what happens in life, we should all still fight for what is right. Because it’s right.

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