Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ya Gotta Have More Than Beauty

We live in an image-conscious and beauty-driven society. Botox, face lifts, youth, and being “sexy” are elevated to important and valued levels. If you aren’t beautiful, you are ignored.

Well – that’s what society seems to be telling us, anyways.

What happens, though, when we turn – say 70? What happens when a car accident leaves us scarred or we face an illness that causes us to lose our hair or stutter? What happens when we don’t have our beauty? Are we valued? Are we important? Can we find meaning and fulfillment?

Yes. That is why it is so important to invest in things that matter and things that will last.

Beauty will not last. God tells us that it is fleeting. And so it is. Investing in others and giving our lives over to impacting the lives of people…that lasts. And the thing is, that often when you are blessing someone else by your gifts of time or love, you add beauty to their lives which in turn, makes you feel beautiful.

You see – God knows that we as women want and need to feel beautiful. But there are ways to feel and find that beauty inside, which in turn makes us feel beautiful on the outside. Beauty can be found in weathered old hands that have made many a meal for you out of love. Beauty is worn. It is more than an outward appearance. It is something we can carry with us and wear, because of who we are as people!

Our lives need to be about something deeper and more meaningful than just appearance. Because appearance only lasts for so long. You can fight against it but one day, it will be lost. What will you be left with then if that is all you have focused on? All that you thought you were?

We are not shells. We are souls. Our souls are beautiful – much more so than any hairstyle, lipstick color, or bosom. Those things can’t love someone, they can’t cry with someone or change a life for the better. They are only the shell of what resides inside of us. True beauty.


Barbie said...

Such truth in this. For so long I desired outward beauty. I never really felt beautiful, outwardly or inwardly. I am learning to embrace my inner beauty. For that is what truly makes me beautiful!

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

So true and it is even a bigger message as you get older...I am approaching 50 and I can't believe what the world tells me I am suppose to look like...give me a break I had six children, one at age 45! I desired to put treasures in heaven and not on gym membership wasn't in the budget.
I continue to press this message into my 19 year old daughter who gets hit with it from every side...thanks for the reminder

Amanda-The Nutritionist Reviews said...

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Great post!

Laura said...

Dionna, I read your post over at Inner Fulfillment titled "All I Have To Be" and it actually brought tears to my eyes because it was something I really needed to hear! Thank you so much for taking the words God places on your heart and putting them out for people to see.

I've also spent some time browsing Beauty In the Storm. I'm totally putting your blog in my reader. Thanks again!!

Dionna said...

New faces around here! I love it! :) I hope ya'll will be back!

Laura - Thank you especially for your kind words about my post "All I have To Be." I'm so glad it hit you right where you needed it today! I appreciate the encouragement.


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