Monday, August 23, 2010

Putting Things Off

Good intentions. They only carry you so far. In fact, I’d venture to say they don’t carry you anywhere unless you actually put action behind the thought.

Why is it that so many of us have good intentions and we never carry them out?

…..We really want to take that vacation….

….We’ll visit that family member or loved one “some day”…..

…..One day we’ll go on a missions trip….

….”When” we save just enough money we’ll do ‘such and such’

…..We’ll call that sweet friend sometime to get together

…..We’ll send someone a note or email just to let them know how much they mean to us – but we keep forgetting…

Good intentions.

Good intentions pretty much limit us in life. I “meant” to do this or I was “going” to do that. It’s all worthless, in my opinion. Why? Because whatever “it” is? It didn’t mean enough to us to actually apply ourselves and go for it! Sure – some things are less achievable and attainable than other things. Finances certainly limit goals in life as do jobs and commitments. But…and this is a big but….I’ve discovered that if there is really a passionate will for something – God WILL provide the way. Sometimes we just don’t step out in faith to let Him show us what He can do. Other times we don’t let Him work in us and through us to show others what He can do!

There are so many things to regret in life. Too many. What would happen if we simply went for “it” more often? Would we have less money in our savings account? Probably. Would we have less privacy and alone time? Maybe. Would we be put outside of our comfort zone and tested more often? More than likely. But we’d also have more adventures – new friends – deeper blessings – and I believe God will show us more of Himself.

Good intentions don’t make for deeper character. They don’t make lasting impact on others’ lives. They only make us feel a little less guilty about what we haven’t done.

Let’s make a pledge today to stop putting things off. We can each start applying ourselves and taking advantage of the passions God has put inside of us. Let’s invest of ourselves in the world a little bit more and a lot more often so that no one else can say – “they always ‘meant’ to do that.”


Zhanna said...

This message made me think about something that's been upsetting me lately . . . there are people that I have been wanting to get to know better and I have made a few vague attempts at building a new friendship yet with no success. Their comments to get together were good intentions that never went beyond that and at times I find myself feeling a bit hurt about all of it. I've been guilty of it myself; telling someone we should really get together yet never making the time. Its not a great feeling for the other person. Just shows how we should really go out of our way to fellowship with others.

Dionna said...

I agree, Zhanna. I've done and had that done to me as well.

I try really hard to not say things I can't follow through on.