Sunday, September 5, 2010

Assumptions Are Dangerous

Assumptions. We make them all of the time. We “assume” that someone has a lot of money, or “assume” that someone else has been told an important piece of information. We can “assume” so many things. We can assume importance or lack of it in another person’s life. We can assume things based on people’s looks or attitude and we can assume things based on our own feelings. But assumptions are dangerous.

For one thing, assumptions often can lead us down the wrong path. They can deny us a great friendship or a healed relationship. Assumptions can bring bitterness or anger into our hearts when otherwise there might have been none, and they can even ruin our reputation if we aren’t careful.

I’ve assumed things about people and I’ve had them assumed about me. It’s never fun to be on the end of a wrong assumption! I have pretty good instincts and my gut usually never leads me wrong…but those are different than assumptions. A gut instinct is usually a feeling you get based on observation or a prompt from the Holy Spirit whereas assumption is often based on our personalities and judgments of how someone else is living or acting.

It’s important to know facts in life. Assumptions never get us to a better spot. They don’t bring joy to us or the recipient, and they aren’t usually encouraging, uplifting, or nurturing. Often, they are cutting.

It is so easy for us to assume things. Whether it’s about celebrities – “They have it all together,” or about a friend who lives in a nice house – “They are SO rich!” You just don’t know until you get to know someone and become close with him or her. I’ve gone into very nice houses to discover that someone whom I thought was well off is not at all! Everything they had went into the house and they were being very frugal in order to keep it! It was an assumption.

Get the facts before you assume things about others. You can speculate, guess, ponder, and wonder all you want to but nothing will matter unless you have cold, hard facts. Assumptions ARE dangerous and they can do a real number on relationships if you aren’t careful. Besides, most things aren’t our business anyways so it’s better to take concerns to the Lord in prayer until you know something concrete rather than land you or someone else in a boatload of unnecessary trouble.

Don’t make assumptions. Don’t venture guesses or make rash judgments. It’s never fair to anyone.

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