Sunday, September 19, 2010


Do you know what “TMI” stands for? It stands for ‘too much information.’ I’ve seen it used more and more in this age of social networking. And usually when it’s used; I’m nodding my head in agreement.

I love twitter. For me, it’s about networking and also about letting people get to know me a little more personally. I love blogging too! And I love, love, love Facebook. It has gotten me back in touch with some sweet faces from my past. But with each one of those networks there is a hidden line and boundary that I think people somehow forget not to cross. That’s the boundary of “too much information.”

Honestly – I’m amazed at what people will publicly share. Astonished and sometimes out and out shocked. Some things are just meant to be kept in the privacy of your own home within your own family.

I do not need to know all the intimate thoughts you feel for your spouse. The fact that you love and adore him is enough for me to get the picture. I don’t need to hear specific details on how you potty-trained your child or how well they did or didn’t run to the bathroom today. I know that as my children get older, I’m having to “ok” blog posts, comments, and photos by them because they get embarrassed. I’d much rather do this, than have them resent me for what I said or posted about them!

People forget that social networking is just like a social gathering. Whether it’s a meeting, or a party at a friend’s house – I’m almost positive that many of the comments I see online would never be said face to face with a friend! And yet somehow, people feel at ease and comfortable saying them online! We need to remember we are doing the exact same thing – just over a computer screen. The next time we see that co-worker, friend, or family member? They will still know what we wrote or posted…just as if we’d said it to them in person.

I’m finding that a good rule of thumb for me is to sit on it for awhile. If I still feel I want to say something – then ‘ok.’ But if I start doubting whether I should post something, chances are if I follow through; I will regret it.

I like to have some class. I try to maintain my integrity. I don’t want to continually be haunted by things I’ve posted on the Internet.

So if you get a “tmi” prompt from someone? Chances are, it’s time for you to re-think how much you are sharing online as well.


Zhanna said...

I agree that there should be boundaries in regards to what we share on social networking sites. However, I find nothing wrong with sharing information about potty training my toddler or anything that the toddler did that others would find disgusting. They are little kids and there is humor in everything they do.

Coffee and a Mop said...

I agree with what you're saying. I get surprised how many people either announce that they are on vacation, or post about what they are doing on vacation. So everyone online, knows that their home is vacant. Can we say rob me? lol.

Or you get the people who post all the time about everything. I get tired of hearing about what others just ate or are what? Really?

So yes I understand. If you wouldn't tell someone in person, don't post it online.

Dionna said...

When I go on vacation, I don't post about it unless we have a house sitter. My recent road trip this summer is a case of that because I agree - it's not very smart to just broadcast that you're not home! Also, I try not to make a habit of updating my status when out and about even...but after the fact - like when I just returned.

Good tips!