Wednesday, September 1, 2010

We Are Failing Each Other

I was talking with a friend recently about the church. The people within the church. Friendships, problems, acceptance, etc.

The subject came up about how hard it was for people to come to church with their hurts. How it’s much easier to smile and act like life is okay and that you are doing good when in reality, you may be struggling in one area or another quite a bit.

When did church become a place that we feel we have to be perfect? Isn’t that the place where God wants us to come to truly be ourselves? Isn’t that the place out of everywhere, where we should be able to come and feel free to lay our hurts, mistakes, and struggles down and get the encouragement and guidance we seek and truly need? Why is it that we feel like we will be a burden on others if we simply get honest with how life is at that particular point in time? Whether it’s unfair or our own doing, we still should be able to count on one another.

Grace and mercy. Where are they?

It seems that when someone makes a misstep in their life, there are many pointing fingers aimed their way. Many looks given and shoulders turned.

God says He will never leave us or forsake us and yet so many Christians feel that the church body has left and forsaken them at times when they need them the most.

Simply put – we are failing each other.

I want to be someone who is there for a brother or sister who is hurting. I want to be able to offer grace and mercy if they are truly repentant and willing to make changes and take the steps needed to get their life back on track with the Lord. I want to love – even when it’s difficult.

I want to be someone who doesn’t fail a friend in need. When they need me to open my arms, I don’t want them to find them closed because I disprove of their actions or lifestyle.

I realize, we cannot condone sin. We don’t want to sit by and close our mouths while someone is doing harmful things to themselves or others. But we also don’t want to lose them to the world because of our criticism and condemnation.

I think it’s time that the church steps up to the plate. It’s time that we stop failing each other. It’s time that we be authentic with each other realizing that true friends will still love us even if our lives aren’t “perfect.”

I’m ready to step up. Are you?


Karla Meachem said...

MOST definately!
Thanks for confirming what has been on my heart.

one of the imperfect ones ;)

Angie said...

Dionna- it was if you spoke straight from my heart!

I totally agree.. Church has become a social club. A place where people come to show themselves off- but not show their sin, their hurt pain,or to be accountable. Most do not want to be "told what to do". When reality we need the guidance, structure and discipline!!

Oh Help Savior- bring peace to your people, guidance and freedom from our sin!


Kim Huffman said...

Our church motto is Belong...Believe...Become...and Be Real has been unofficially added to it.

Dionna said...

Kim - That is a WONDERFUL church motto. :)