Monday, October 4, 2010

Everyone Wants To Feel Valued

People need to feel like they are valued. They need to know that someone else finds them valuable. Everyone wants to be wanted and needed on some level. Everyone wants to be a blessing to someone else yet they also want to be delighted in and loved on by others.

I wonder if a lot of the depression, low self esteem, and insecurities in people arise from the very basic and simple reason that they do not feel valued? I wonder if they started to feel worthwhile, invested in, and truly cared for by those around them…if some of those issues would lighten or disappear altogether?

It is so easy for us to get caught up in our own lives. We get wrapped up in the details of our own problems, concerns, and small little social circles. But what if God opened our eyes a little bit? Or a lot? What would we see? Would we realize that those within our social circle have needs that are unmet? Would we see that all the “fun” we have together has covered up more serious needs and hurts? And what about those outside of our social circle? Those people we casually smile and chat with from time to time and somehow have overlooked as someone who could be a very real and vital part of our lives? Have we somehow been blinded to a need or hurt that they may have that no one is addressing?

We live in a very real hurting world. People are increasingly feeling isolated from others. Sometimes by choice – sometimes not. But the fact remains that the stresses, hurts, mistakes, losses, and tragedies of life are weighing on us heavily. A lot of times we lock that up, put a smile on our face and try to act like all is well. We don’t engage one another in the deeper stuff for fear of the reaction we may get.

People need people. Yes, they also need God. But God put people here to be there for each other in a very tangible, daily way. He put us here to take up the needs and hurts of one another. He put us here to encourage and support each other. He put us here to love on one another.

When was the last time you felt loved? When was the last time you felt valued by someone else? When was the last time someone told you something about yourself that made you feel better about the kind of person you are?

Busyness. Hectic schedules. Family commitments. The demands of our life often can overshadow one of the basic needs that we need to be giving each other…love.

Take a few minutes today to send some emails to people in your life that you don’t often lavish love upon. Maybe it’s that faithful volunteer at your child’s school or that person at church who has such a servant’s heart and is always doing what needs to be done. Whomever it is, let them know they are appreciated – valued – and loved. I guarantee you that they need to hear it.

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