Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Get Back Up Again

This video was taken a few years ago. We were out on Bruneau Sand Dunes in Idaho and had the fun idea of racing down the big dune. Well, racing down sand isn't as easy as it might look! The sand weighs heavily with each foot imprint and the momentum  of going down a hill pulls you down faster than you want to go.

I started slowing down right away but my little one, she let the momentum pull her and took quite the spill. In fact, in her words at the time , "I tumbled!"

Take a look -

What amazed me when I watched the video play back, was how she shook it off, got right back up, and kept going. When she was done, she had sand all over her face and in her hair. I'm sure flipping like that, stunned her.

As it does us.

We can get so stunned when we fall and tumble in our lives. The thing is, sometimes we just sit there and moan about it instead of shaking it off, getting back up and continuing on.

We all fall. We all mess up and make mistakes. We all get discouraged. We all get frustrated and down in the dumps. Sometimes life deals us bad blows. Sometimes, it's our fault. We just get pulled by the momentum of it and get going too fast until we fall. Regardless of the reasons, too many of us stay sitting on that ground instead of getting back up, and finishing the race that God called us to.

Wherever you're at in your life today - God has called you to a race. He wants you to persevere and finish it. I'm sure there are many things to learn along the way. But how will your finish? Will you quit or will you shake yourself off, and finish strong?

That is the question.

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