Saturday, October 16, 2010


“I can’t do this.”

You’ve felt that way. I’ve felt that way. We have those times where our heart feels so overwhelmed and we feel so underprepared or untalented. And we say to others, God, or just ourselves… “I can’t do this.”

And we’re right. We can’t. But HE can.

There are so many things I never could have done in my own strength. So many excuses I’ve come up with and reasons why I could never do something. But I see that when I say that, I’m shortchanging God. I’m not exercising the greatest power and privilege He’s given me – my faith. I’m basically telling God that I don’t believe Him when He says that “His strength is perfect in my weakness” or that with Him “all things are possible.” Those are great verses and I know them by heart, but when I tell God that “I can’t” – what I’m really saying is that HE can’t.

And I’m wrong. Because He CAN.

God CAN get me through that illness.

God CAN get me through that painful divorce or break-up.

He CAN help me as I grieve the loss of a child or a dear loved one.

God CAN help me recover some financial security in love. He CAN bring me out of an unsafe or abusive situation, He CAN restore my mental health. HE CAN. I just need to believe.

We say we believe in God but when it comes to the tangible things that we have to face in life, we tend to panic, despair, or simply give up without giving them over to God. Without giving Him a chance to bless us and restore us! Oh what we are missing out on!

Give God a chance. Give your faith a chance to truly work in your life. He wants to show up and He wants to show you how deeply He loves you. I know sometimes it’s scary to take that risk because you might be afraid that nothing will happen, nothing will change. But you’ll be no worse off, right? Really – the only risk is that not only will your situation improve for the better, but your faith will deepen and grow more on fire than ever, after seeing God work in your life.

I say that’s a risk worth taking! It all comes back to you. Do you believe He CAN? Do you want Him to? He’s just waiting for you to believe in Him.

You are right. You can’t do “this” on your own. You need Him.

Don’t wait any longer. Go to Him today. Believe. And watch what He CAN do.

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