Sunday, October 31, 2010


I am: thankful

I know: God loves me

I want: to make my life matter

I have: a fantastic family (they are my best friends!)

I wish: I could make steadier $ with my writing

I hate: evil

I miss: loved ones who don’t live near me

I fear: too much

I feel: joy

I hear: daughter playing the wii in the background
I smell: the warmth of my space heater

I crave: impacting someone else’s life in a positive way

I search: for meaning in the “hard stuff” of life

I regret: not embracing my 20’s more

I love: deeply.

I care: about people’s feelings.

I always: want to better myself.

I believe: that I have a special calling on my life.

I dance: for fun.

I sing: because my heart sometimes knows no other way to express what it is feeling.

I don’t always: keep up with people the way I’d like to.

I truly desire: to be authentic no matter who I’m with or where I’m at.

I like: hanging out with my family, dark chocolate, French fries, a good salad, lunch with girlfriends, travelling

I write: to serve God and let Him use my life through words as He sees fit

I lose: when I can’t forgive.

I win: when I let God move me to act on His behalf instead of my own

I try: to eat healthier but am forever pulled in the other direction
I never: lie. (At least I try not to)

I am grateful: for grace. And mercy.

I listen: to people I really trust.

I am scared: of lots of things. But I’m trying not to give them a voice in my life anymore.

I need: love and acceptance.

I am happy that: I am where I am today.

I tag: anyone who would like to play


BARBIE said...

I loved reading this!

Baby Pickel said...

This was beautiful & so heart warming! Thank you for sharing :) Happy Monday!!

Dionna said...

Thank you ladies! :)