Friday, October 8, 2010

Women Like to Decorate EVERYTHING

My husband laughs at me sometimes when I rearrange things in the house. I’ve been known to move around the trash can and even the napkin holder. He’s commented that “I didn’t know the garbage can was a décor item!” Men! Don’t they know that everything is a décor item?

Most women love to decorate. It starts when we are little girls and we dress up our teddy bears. We have this inner need to make everything p-r-e-t-t-y. Whether it embellishes, flourishes, or sparkles – we love to beautify.

I love to change the case on my cell phone. I love to have a different style that decorates it and the same goes for my Ipod. I recently discovered that I could have skins or cases on it too! I love giving it a different look and prettying it up! I think that’s why corporations have created paper towels with hearts and flowers or napkins with designs. They know us women like to decorate!

My husband was searching for gift ideas for me once and I told him a good rule of thumb to go by. I told him that if it was something that decorated an item – I would like it. If it’s a design, embellishment, enhancement or anything that puts a fun look to an otherwise ordinary item – that would be a good gift for me! I mean, who needs a plain spiral notebook when you can have one with a beautiful photo or design on it? Who wants plain white walls if you can paint them? Life is so fun when you can add color, emotion, and style to it!

I love this part of being a woman. I love taking something that is otherwise plain and making it feel more alive and more personable. It’s a gift that God has given us. Something that only women can add to the world.

What a fun thing to embrace.

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Faith Imagined said...

What a wonderful quality to embrace! I can so relate to this. It is fun making things more beautiful! My twin, however, hates doing anything related to decorating. Her house looks like a bachelor pad! (: