Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hidden Gems

The ordinary. Mundane. Same-o-same-o. Common. Normal.

Those don’t even seem like exciting words when I type them out. I know they don’t sound exciting when they are spoken and people don’t seem to enjoy them, either. Why, I wonder?

There are some pretty ordinary things in life that I treasure.

I treasure the “ordinariness” of my kids coming home from school. I treasure the ordinary fact that the sun comes out (most days) or the ordinary time my family spends eating dinner together at night.

I love having a “normal” day after a week of hectic ones. I love the “normalness” of having a husband and knowing that he will take care of certain things for me.

I like the common fact that I can check email each day or get in my car and drive myself somewhere. I like that.

There are so many things that are ordinary, normal, and common. We seem to look at them as though they are plain and boring. But I think we are missing hidden gems in our lives. I think it’s the ordinary and common things that often-times become the most sentimental and special.

The repetition of going to Sunday school as a child brings with it special memories. The common smell of your father’s cologne stirs up great emotion and the normal laughter that an aunt or uncle lends to a funny story or joke is suddenly missed when they are no longer there to give it. Hidden gems.

The ordinary, common, and yes, “plain” are often those very things that impact us without us really realizing it at the time. They mold and shape us – often propelling us or directing us in life.

We overlook those things until sometimes it’s too late. Until we miss that common homemade meal by grandma, or that familiar checker who always smiled at us at the grocery store. It is then, that we realize we had something special and we never even realized it.

If we could all take but a minute each day to really look around and take in our lives – I think more of us would see they are riddled with priceless jewels. Gems that God has given us each and every day.

Ask someone who has cancer if they miss “normal.” Ask someone who has lost a loved one in a war if they don’t crave “common” again. Ask. Find the richness that has been given to you in your own life, before you miss it forever.


zhanna said...

This made me cry!

Thank you so much for the beautiful reminder.

I really needed it today.

Dionna said...

Oh Zhanna. I'm so glad this touched you in a spot where you especially needed it. :)