Monday, November 29, 2010

Hot And Cold

Sometimes it seems I’m eternally meant to live in situations I don’t feel I was hard-wired for.

I hate cold weather yet live in a state that has very cold winters with snow and ice.

I dream of living life at a methodical pace yet it seems to often tag me and drag me along behind it!

I long to have a problem that someone has dealt with before but often my situations are “different” and “unique.”

Do you every feel that way? Like you’re the only one or rather, that you are doomed to be in whatever-state-you’re-in for forever? It seems like when you want hot, God gives you cold. When you want wet, He dishes out dry and when you pine for slow – He gives you fast. Life is so ironic that way.

Something has begun to calm my heart about these types of situations. It’s the fact that I’m not “stuck” in them – but rather – I’m intentionally placed in them.

What if….what if God places each one of us in the opposite place that we’d choose on purpose? What if we hate wind and God places wind in our town all of the time? What if we’d rather live life as a loner or a hermit and He’s constantly putting people in our path?

Why would He do such a thing?

Because He loves us.

I think our God is a God who loves us too much to let us sit in a state of perpetual bliss so much so that we’d never need Him. After all, if we had that perfectly warm weather every day of our lives – at some point, we’d forget to talk to Him about it – forget to praise Him for it. And if we lived that slower life that we dream of, then at some point we’d forget how to get back in the race for Him when He called us to!

I don’t think God intends on frustrating us. Or then, maybe He does. Maybe He wants to frustrate us into action. Maybe He wants to refine us so that we can be thankful in “all” circumstances instead of merely the ones we prefer. Maybe He loves us so much that He wants us to learn to love what we find unlovely – whether that is people or weather. Maybe He puts the same problem in our path over and over again because we’ve yet to discover that there is joy in it. Some of us have a hard time finding joy in those things we hate, don’t we? But there IS joy. There IS joy in the rain – I’ve experienced it. And there IS joy in a storm. There IS joy in the busyness and “aliveness” of life! We just need to be open to finding it.

I don’t know if I’ll ever love cold weather (let alone “like” it.) But I do know that God has me in it for a reason. And I do know that He loves me. So if the only thing the cold weather does for me is cause me to seek and ask of God…then for that I can be thankful.

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Nana Jul said...

That was an Awesome post! Intentionally placed ... to find the joy in it, to find Jesus right there beside us....
I love that perspective.
Thank you!