Saturday, November 13, 2010

I Talk To Myself

I’m not sure when it started. One day I just noticed that while I was shopping a department store, I was talking to myself. I really have to laugh at myself, though. I find it kind of funny how I can grumble to myself about a price on something or comment about someone’s driving as I’m heading to my car in the parking lot.

I tell ya. I think I’ll blame it on motherhood. You know. You start talking to your babies when you take them to the store with you. I just think that somewhere along the way, I never stopped. And now I have to fight the urge to speak out loud when no one’s shopping with me – lest I look like a weirdo.

Oh yah. And it’s tumbling into other areas of my life too. Now, I’m talking back at the TV.

Please tell me I’m not weird or abnormal. Tell me that you do it too! .


BARBIE said...

I talk to myself all the traffic, in the mall, at Starbucks. I've actually had people turn around and say "what" to me before.

Zhanna said...

You are perfectly normal and I say that because I am the same way and want to make myself feel better. hehehe.

Dionna said...

Whew! Thanks, ladies! I feel a little less "weird" now! :)

Barbie - I think that's so funny that you've had people ask you "what" before! At least that hasn't happened to me....yet.